Ess Rad

Photography Artwork, Travel Ideas and Blogging
Travel and photography are my life and passion. I have lived in Australia and toured across the United States, Canada and Europe, primarily France, I have a plethora of fantastic experiences and collection of photo art that I sell in various sizes and mediums to spruce up your decor.

If you are looking for portraits, an engagement or event photographer, then look no further as I specialize in Candid Photography, please see My Sepia Gallery for examples. I believe in candid photography as it captures that special moment that you can call back on years later. My rates vary depending on duration of service.

In all my travels I have learned where to go, what to do and some great sights that tourists would not normally go see, specifically in Paris. I have given personalized tours when I was in Paris, and I have written itineraries for others as well. I also plan other vacation destinations by finding out what you want to see, ideal locations and then spend time to plan out an easy to follow yet not binding itinerary.

Order prints from booked our sessions, or send prints of your own family photos you want printed.