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Hello, I’m ESS RAD

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I was born in Toronto and raised in Mississauga. I’ve always had an interest in the arts, and from a young age I knew that I wanted to do it after I finished school. I went to George Brown College and obtained a Degree in Graphic Design, but my desire to learn more was not sated. I decided to adventure out there on my own for the first time, and moved to Australia where I upgraded to a Bachelor of Visual Media at Griffith University in the Gold Coast, and then a Masters of Digital Design in Motion Graphics in Brisbane.

It was in Australia where I first realized my love of photography. Of course back then I only had a simple point and click, but I applied my knowledge of the principles of design and motion graphics and quickly started getting post card quality shots on a simple low end camera. Over the years since I have returned to Mississauga, my skills have improved, and my gear has upgraded, but my passion for photography never wanes. I always strive to advance my skills and learn new techniques, as you can never truly know everything, and can always improve.

My Skills

The Eye

Many people can master the technical aspect of photography, but not everyone can be trained to see a photography opportunity from of nothing. I am always looking around for that moment, which is why candid is my favourite form of event and wedding photography. You look past the obvious, what is right in front of you, and look at the bigger picture, and you can truly capture life’s great moments.

Adobe Series

Having an educational background in Graphic Design, Majoring in Image Design, has given me the theoretical and technical background in a wide array of the Adobe Suite. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are by far my strengths in that suite of applications, and my knowledge in both help fine tune photo’s, or create personalized items someone may request, such as calendars or holiday cards.


My formal education in Design gives me an understanding of the Principles of Design, which I apply by using the rule of thirds each time I put my camera to my eye. My understanding of Design also gives me the ability to create posters, calendars and holiday cards for you to cherish and share with loved ones.

My Photography


Capturing the Moment

I am a strong believer in candid photography. When taking a photo of a group or an individual, by waiting for them all to look at the camera gives a false impression of the moment. You give them time to put on a smile, to concentrate on the camera, and forget about what it was that actually made them happy in the first place. While candid photo’s are difficult to get in certain circumstances, as they typically do require approval, at events or weddings people are aware that a photographer will be there and they may potentially get a photo of them at some point. A photo of someone smiling while looking at their loved one, or laughing at something they had just heard, is a far more powerful photo than “Look at the camera and say cheese”.

Contrast and Lighting

Contrast of colours, black and white, natural lighting, these are a few of my favourite things. Contrast brings out a photo, whether it be a contrast of colours, or a contrast of black and white, something about the vast difference makes a shot really pop and stick out. Natural light, partly because it is easier than lugging around expensive lighting equipment, but also because it adds a more natural feel to the photo; however, I always prefer actual 3 point lighting over a flash attached to a camera, as you can simulate some sense of natural lighting with it. Unfortunately, in some situations, a flash is inescapable, as you cannot carry a lighting kit everywhere, and light does not travel to all areas.

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