The final day of the 6 day road trip. Up early, grab a sandwich for a quick breakfast and on the way to Amboise. Though Blois is a much larger city, Chateau d’Amboise is more significant as it has history with an important historical figure to have called it home, Leonardo Da Vinci.La Close de Lucé is the final place that he called home, and he is buried, supposedly anyway, in the Chateau d’Amboise. It seems there was some mystery to it after the 2nd world war but DNA evidence was conclusive that it is indeed he who occupies the tomb. The chateau and it’s gardens are actually quite small. You can go through it marginally over an hour.

Chateau Chenonceau is the one that I thought would take the shortest amount of time to go through, but I easily spent hours here, approximately four. It is the most photogenic inside and out, and has the best gardens of the three I went to. I would say this is my favourite and I would definitely come back here. I also decided to have lunch while at the Chateau, and it was, as expected, overpriced. I would not say it was worth the price they charged, the main dish was creative, but in all honesty the cheese digestif and desert were the best tasting of the four courses.

On my return to Blois I decided to return the car, rather than having to wake up early in the morning tomorrow and then rush to the train station. Unfortunately, since I took longer at Chenonceau than expected, I did not have time for Chateau Blois, or to see much of the city. I did walk around a little but as the previous night, it was empty and no restaurants were open, which meant I was on the hunt again. I managed to find a different restaurant open tonight. Le Poivre et Sel, or Pepper and Salt. It was average quality and almost as expensive as the previous nights choice, but when your choices are limited you cannot be too choosey. After dinner, set forth one last time in Blois to explore and get some photos, even though I have in the morning before my train departs for Paris, it is the night shots that I am after.