Some of my stuff was still wet this morning. Luckily the room had a blow dryer so I was able to dry the inside of my camera bag. And my camera also still worked so that made me quite happy. My shoes on the other hand, still soaked.

It was a long drive to Blois. I started the day with the scenic route, but after a couple stops I noticed I wouldn’t arrive until 2pm, and immediately took the direct route, regardless of being a toll route, it saves me an hour and a half or more.

Blois is an interesting little town. The French renaissance architecture is prominent and beautiful, I easily regret not spending longer than 2 days here. On the drive into the city, there is an interesting decoration on a stair case. Interesting, and hypnotic for a driver.

I went to Brasserie nearby the hotel, they served traditional food from the Loire Valley as well as Loire Valley wine as well. It was full of flavour, and finally was able to get my fix on French Onion Soup.

Chateau Chambord is probably the largest and most famous of the Chateaus in the Loire Valley. It’s architecture is absolutely stunning, but is currently under renovations, which means a lot of its access is closed. The interior is sparsely decorated, so don’t expect what the have at the Palace of Versailles.

Returning to Blois I went to do some sunset photos, but there weren’t really any colours to capture, but I’m grateful that my experience was not as muddy as the night before. I also learned that there is pretty much nothing open in Blois on a Sunday night, with the exception of a few bars, and this one and only restaurant, to which google even said it was closed. It was expensive, but I can eat at bars in Canada, I would prefer the culinary experience of France.