Today is a transition day. With the first part of my adventure now behind me, i will move on to parts unknown.

While I have been to Serbia a number of times before, it was refreshing to see that the country has changed quite a bit over the past three years. Buildings being refaced and lit up at night. Streets being repaved and the streets and cafes lively and full.

Another welcomed change were the newer buildings that were built or being built in place of the old ones destroyed from the wars and bombings. I am sure in the coming years, Serbia will see dramatic changes that will make the country an amazing destination.

Greece, mostly Athens, is my next destination on my adventure. I have never been to the country so it will be exciting to explore aimlessly and see the history that must don the streets throughout the city of Athens and even the country side.

My base of operations will be Athens, a few minutes walk from the Pantheon, but I have plans to go a little further from the city for a couple days. I plan to see the ruins of the Oracle at Delphi, and then the amazing natural sight of Meteora. I don’t know what the next few days hold in store for me, but I cannot curb my enthusiasm to the sights that await.

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