The Pantheon, Temple of Zeus, the Olympic Grounds, the National Gardens and the Pantheon Museum, this was on todays agenda. I also realized that the Grecian sun is quite harsh, after 8 hours of walking around I have a hefty burn; which will make the next two days out in wild interesting.

Athens is chock full of history. Even though Paris and Rome have more history at every turn, as they have had more recent impact in history and were also not destroyed, there is still a lot of history all around.

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The Acroplois is by far the richest in regards to history, for most of Europe at least. The location is hundreds of years old, founded by the ancient Greeks, but improved upon dramatically by the Romans upon their conquest of Athens. Unfortunately, there is nothing left standing but fragments.

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The Temple of Zeus, has significantly less standing compared to the Pantheon.

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The Olympic Stadium was home to the original Olympics. This was possibly my favourite part of my day. Not so much for the history, but rather for its impressive, and somewhat imposing, size of the site. To walk up to the top was a workout, and the initial steps for tier one and two were more of leaps than steps. I know that modern stadiums are much larger, but for the age this was built in, it is quite impressive.

The museum houses all the relics found in and around the Acropolis. In fact, the museum is built upon a part of ancient Athens, you can even see the ruins underneath the museum. The museum is small, and you can easily walk through it in an hour. My favourite part was the view from the patio of the restaurant on floor two.

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