Today I begin a 2 Day Tour with C.H.A.T Tours booked through Viator. The tour consists of very long rides on a bus.

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First stop, the ruins of the ancient Oracle in Delphia, a place that was once considered the centre of the known world, or the belly button of the world. Afterwhich, we then move on to Kalambaka, a small town at Meteora, an incredible natural sight. Picture Arizona, but green. We stay the night at Kalambaka and on day 2 of the tour we head out to see 2 monasteries built in and on the rock formations.

Delphi provided some incredible sights both natural and historical. The drive up to the historical site also provided so incredible views. If the option is available then driving is always a good choice as you can stop for some incredible photographic opportunities. Once at Delphi, the site is small and you can go through it quite quickly, but I do recommend soaking in the sights and history during your visit.

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After departing Delphi we stopped for lunch in a restaurant called Scala in the town of Itea. The views from the restaurant were outstanding.

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After lunch we began the journey for Kalambaka. It took approximately 5 hours to get there, but the scenery was outstanding. On the way we stopped at a memorial to Leonidas and the 300 Spartans that lost their lives. Now, at night I await for the morning, where we go to Meteora to see the outstanding rock formations, where I went ahead of the group for sunset.

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