Today we set out for Meteora to visit 2 monasteries. Grand Meteora, the first of all of the Monasteries, then to the nunnery of Saint Stefan’s, the nearest to the city of Kalambaka.

Firstly, the landscape is incredible. You can easily spend two or three days in Meteora just walking around and exploring. There are plenty of photography opportunities.

Then there are the monasteries themselves. These are built on top of the monolithic rocks, perched high above the land and the city.

The name of the land, Meteora, was given by the holy man that first scaled the largest of the spires. Being so high up in the sky, he felt as if he were up on a meteor. This name was given to that one specific spire, but eventually the entire range had been given the name.
After a few hours of driving along the cliffs, thankfully walking up stairs and not scaling cliffs, and then exploring a couple monasteries, we head back to Athens, but stopping off at Kalambaka for lunch.

The city of Kalambaka is small, but so very picturesque. We are at Restaurant Meteora which is family owned and operated, and in the form of a traditional Greek kitchen not like a restaurant; a waiter does not come to you. You walk into the kitchen and pick your food and they put it on a plate. The meat balls were very delicious. Very well spiced and made of lamb.

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