Today’s schedule calls for a lot more walking and random adventures. I have booked a ferry to the island of Hydra, but I have the entire morning to explore the Ancient Greek Agora and Filopappau.

Filopappau is a high peak in the centre of the city. It once had a tower, understandably so as you get a full panoramic view of Athens and the bay. In the middle of the park, which I believe was also the base of the tower, is the cell which Socrates was imprisoned in.

The Ancient Greek Agora is an impressive ruin, and continuously growing. There were actually archaeologists working on a dig in the central part of the Agora. This is a collaborative effort to excavate the site, so it will only get more impressive as they uncover more of the historic site.

Piraeus port is a colourful area of the city. Swindlers and shifty sales people roam all the Main Street and the port itself. Unfortunately the ferry I was on had no observation area, I was confined to my seat which was not next to a window, but it gave me a chance to rest as I knew I was about to walk a lot.

Hydra, the island is not as popular a destination as Mykonos or Santorini for international tourists. While I cannot fairly compare them as I have not been to the other two, Hydra is truly incredible. The clear waters, medieval structures with the quintessential white paint on majority of them, and the blue windows and doors. The scenery of the island is also fantastic, the shape of the port town reminds me very much of Monaco.

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