Today was a day of odds and ends. Prepare my luggage of any random purchase I decide to make. Set aside things I need for today and tomorrow. And do a final random exploration.

When on my way to the port yesterday I came across a little bazaar – or a Flea Market – near the Ancient Greek Agora. I had not had the time to properly walk through it, so I made that stop number one on today’s agenda. The bazaar was quite a nice experience, lots of interesting finds for anyone that is interested in bargain hunting or antiquities.

Near to that bazaar were the ruins of Hadrians library and the Roman Agora as well. These ruins were much smaller than the Acropolis and the Greek Agora.
Heading towards the Acropolis, you are led to the north path of the Plaka, which is also designed in the same at as the Greek Island communities.

The only thing left to do today is a sunset photo from the top of Filopappau Hill, based onthe view from yesterday it should provide great sunset views.

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