Today I spent my day walking around what is possibly my favourite place in Belgrade, the area known as Zemun.

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Zemun has heavy Austrian influences. When when the city of Belgrade had been changed hands over and over, Zemun, maybe 10 or 20 km away from the original city of Belgrade, was under Austrian control, so it looks different from the rest of the city.

A river front promenade, beautiful green paths and several cobblestoned streets, lined with cafes and restaurants. The main part of the river front leads towards a quaunt hillside residential area, and at the very top of the hill, a fantastic view of the area atop a tower.

You will also find some interesting architecture and design, which is likely to change as the city is slowly making mass repairs, but I hope they keep a lot of the unique elements, like these steps.

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The central part of the suburb, much like Knez Milhajlova in central Belgrade, is a long pedestrian friendly street lined with shops and cafes, along with a local bazar, no doubt influenced by the Ottomans in other parts of Belgrade and Serbia.

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