Photo Art

  • The Englischer Garten
    The most amazing gardens I have ever been to, The Englischer Garten in Munich, Germany. I can safely say...
  • Veterum Non Immemor
    A memorial in Port Credit for those that lost their lives fighting in World War 1.
  • The Ghost Wedding
    My second attempt at Infrared photography at Guild Park. I waited for the wedding to party to leave, but...
  • The Bubbles of the CNE
    Children blowing their bubbles at Canada's largest public fair, the CNE. Nothing makes bubbles better than a sunset backdrop.
  • The Magenta Falls
    Niagara Falls glowing red and white, Canada's colours. Unfortunately, when done as a long exposure, it doesn't quite turn...
  • La Tour à Nuit
    The Eiffel Tower illuminated at night with traffic passing by, built to show off the French empires glory at...
  • Colloseo Alight
    The historic Coliseum lit up at night, traffic driving and vibrating the bridge underneath me, made for an interesting...
  • Front Street Peeking Tower
    The CN Tower peeking around the corner down Front Street.

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