Departure days are the toughest. Get up at 6:45am. Work until 3pm. Get ready to go to the airport. Walk around and take photos. Fly and then somehow force myself to stay awake in order not to mess with my sleeping patterns. It’s essentially a 48 hour day.

But the first part of this long day was really enjoyable. When I was shopping for my flights, I put a bid in for an upgrade to Business Class. I underbid because I didn’t really want to spend the money, but turns out I won the bid anyway, and it was certainly worth it.

I had priority checking and access, which cut my time down to 25 minutes from check in, security and to the gate, considering the lines otherwise were incredibly long. Typically I like to eat at Lee’s Kitchen when I am at Terminal 1, but this time I enjoyed a great all you can eat buffet because I now had access to the Maple Leaf Lounge. After a nice meal and a glass of wine, I went around the terminal for some random photography. he flight was also a great experience. There was ample leg room and space, even the food was better. I am not sure how I am supposed to go back to economy for my return flight, but I guess I have no choice.

After a long flight with maybe 2 hours of broken sleep, I landed in Paris and picked up my car. I was exhausted. It took a little over 2 hours to drive to Rouen, and because I was so tired I drove past a number of wonderful landscape photography opportunities. I just wanted to get to my hotel and relax for a little before walking around. Unfortunately, when I arrived I learned that I couldn’t actually check in for another 3 hours. Which would not have been so bad if it were not raining.

Risotto with a pear sauce and shaved smoked ham.I decided to go out for a walk around anyway, rather than sit there because I was exhausted, I needed to get familiar with my surroundings, and then stopped at a quaint little restaurant called L’un Ou L’autre. On the menu was a traditional meal in Normandie, a delicious risotto with a pear sauce, topped with shaved smoked ham and salad. After I finished my lunch it was time to check in, and also check out because I was in dire need of a nap, especially since it was raining. After I awoke from my nap, the rain had stopped and I decided to start that walking tour I had plotted out

Inside the Notre Dame de Rouen.I went inside the Notre Dame, and walked too each Point of Interest, deviating from the path occasionally to snap some photos along a few alleyways. Because I did not go into the museum or tower,

The Gros-Horloge in RouenI managed to complete the tour in 2 hours I would say that the Gros-Horloge is my favourite part of the city.

I still have a full day in Rouen, which means I will go inside the Museum of Fine Arts and into the Tower of Rouen. The only issue is that it is supposed to rain all day, which may put a damper on any outdoor photography.

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