It was an auspicious start to the day, after my breakfast of course. I started driving to Mont Saint-Michel, taking the highway as it was toll free. On my way through to the highway, my car started beeping at me, it was telling me that 0 passengers have their seat belts on. It seems that my camera bag, weighing in at an incredible 10kg, had triggered the passenger safety alarm. After sorting out how to position my bag, and questioning why it was happening today and not the previous three, the GPS had me quite literally driving around in circles. It told me to take the third exit at the round-a-bout, then turn right on a street that did not exist, then made me drive a big loop back to the round-a-bout and repeat.

Once I overcame these obstacles, I drove drove straight through, stopping a couple times for some photography. Once before the highway, and then again on my detour to Mont Saint-Michel. The detour took me through the country side, though in reality this entire region is the country side. There were a number of picturesque spots, most specifically as you near the final destination. You get a number of nice views of the island and its grandiose abbey in the distance. There are several points to shoot from, I chose to do one by a farm with it much further out in the distance.

Oh buoy it happened

A poserI walked up to the island while waiting for my check in to be available. There a buses and horse drawn carriages as options, walking takes approximately 30 minutes, but this also provides me with a number of photography opportunities. The island is busy, very busy. There are a lot of people, specifically tourists, on this island. Considering these streets were built in the middle ages, there is little to no room, nor was it intended to have so many people at one time roaming these streets. Be prepared to be walking through a lot of people, and having a lot of unfamiliar faces in your photos. I went for a nice lunch at a crepe shop, one of the best rated restaurants on the island, but while I was walking upstairs I tripped. Thankfully my camera did not hit the stairs, my knee and elbow blocked the fall. After which, I went around the small island town taking photos. I spent approximately 5 hours on the island, there are a lot of photography opportunities, but I really cannot see spending longer than this otherwise. It is very nice, but once you see the abbey and be walk around the island, there is really not much to do.

After my long walk back to the hotel, I rested up before dinner. Considering the lack of options in proximity, I was not too fussed on reviews and selected the best of the worst options nearby. After my dinner I had set out to do some sunset photography, but it seems that life had other plans for me. I was trying to set out in position for the shoot, which meant that I had to cross through some dry mud to get there. Unfortunately, I stepped in quicksand and my shoe was immediately absorbed; when I tried to pull out, my foot came out of my shoe, and my other foot slipped, and I fell flat in the mud, rolling down. Fortunately, my camera had its lens cap on, and the important parts parts, such as lens connection ring, were not muddied up. I managed to clean it up, along with my clothes and bags, and get my camera in working order to continue on my adventure tomorrow.

Here’s hoping it is a better day!