It was supposed to rain all day, thankfully it did not. In fact, we even got a little bit of sunshine as well. This gave me the chance to explore more of the city, spaces that I did not plan on visiting but read about online before leaving. I was planning on returning to the Tower where Joan of Arc was imprisoned, but instead I opted to go to the Church of Saint Jeanne D’Arc, which was unfortunately was inaccessible due to construction. The church was built on the site where Joan of Arc was crucified by the English after they paid for her bounty. It was fine that I did not go into the church because there was a quaint little market and the surrounding area had plenty of photography opportunities anyway.

I did return to the Museum of Fine Arts. They had a fairly nice collection of Impressionist and quintessential religious Italian paintings, but the highlight of the visit was that they had a Marcel Duchamp exhibit going on, and they had his famous installation pieces on display. Unfortunately, photography was not permitted with his well known pieces, and staff was around so I did not have an opportunity to get any sneak shots.

Since I was familiar with the area at this point, I went to certain spots to get some artistic and creative photos at some of my favourite points of interest, such as the Gros-Horloge and the Notre Dame. I also introduced a couple props. One is my fairly standard go to prop, my crystal ball from my photography series Distorted Perceptions, but I also used a little stuffed monkey that I have had for a long time, this monkey actually moved down to Australia with me when I lived down there. I felt it would make for some fun photography to bring him along.

A view of the cityAfter a few hours of walking, shooting and then some writing, I decided to get the car and drive up to a look out at the top of the highest point in Rouen. I could have walked, but it was approximately 30 minutes to walk versus an 8 to 10 minute drive. Plus, if it decided to start raining, I was not getting caught in the middle of that. Whether I opted to walk or not, the view was worth the visit. You get a great panoramic view of the city of Rouen and the surrounding region. If there was an opportunity for a sunset, then this would have been the place to be.

The way down was a little eventful. I decided to capture a video of the drive back down because it was a winding road on a steep cliff with a road that is barely big enough for 1 car, let alone the 2 that it was intended for. When I started going down, I nearly too the express route off the cliff. I narrowly averted driving off the cliff, This was actually caught on video, so I may or may not put it as part of the final cut when I return to Canada.

When I got back to the city, I went out for dinner. I asked the hotel for recommendations for a place that has Foie Gras, and they recommended Pescaline. It was amazing. The Foie was so creamy and delicious. There was a mix up with my main course though. They delivered a burger sans buns, I thought it was some strange and fancy sort of steak as it was custom and hand made, so I did not say anything, turned out to be something they made for a child at the table next to me. We all had a nice laugh.

Now, it is time to rest, relax, and recoup as I write this. Tomorrow is a new day, and I start it with an early wake up for my drive to Juno Beach, day 3, the next destination on this 6 day road trip.

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