I’ve been planning my next adventure for a couple of months now, and I have had a few ideas floating around. Fly to Amsterdam and do a road trip through northern France. A journey through Andalusia to see the beauty that southern Spain has to offer. Even staying local-ish with a nice road trip to Mount Rushmore, one of the most incredible achievements in modern human history.

But after a few personal losses in the early part of the year, I decided that family and a little personal cultural history would be more appropriate. While I have been to Serbia a number of times to date, visiting the familiar is a therapeutic and relaxing way to take a break.

To date, when I tell people I’ve been to Paris five times, the general consensus seems to be “why waste your money and time going somewhere you’ve already been?” I agree with going out and seeing new sights, but sometimes a vacation should be something to relieve stress. Let’s face it, sometimes traveling can be anything but stress free, even as the most well organized and thorough planner, you run around like a chicken with your head cut off half the time, wondering if this is the time that your luggage goes to a different destination.

Going somewhere familiar, or that you’ve been to before in general, let’s you explore areas that are less traveled by tourists. You would be amazed to how many hidden gems cities like Paris, Rome or London may have. The best part of going somewhere you’ve been, it’s relaxing. You know what you’d like to see again. You know where to stay for accessibility to areas you’ll spend most of your time. What restaurants to choose. It becomes less of a marathon and getting yelled at in a foreign language, to a relaxing experience.

While seeing something new is always tops in my books (Athens after Serbia!) I do believe that once in a while it is important to plan a little time to unwind near the end of a vacation. You’re going back to reality and the last thing you need coming back from an action packed holiday is to go back to the monotony of every day life.

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